Many people choose to move after retirement. Some move to be closer to family or to lower the cost of living, while others move to downsize their homes. Whatever the reason, if you’re considering a post-retirement move, you’re far from alone.

Of course, it can take a while to make your new house feel like home. This is especially true if you lived in your last home for decades while raising your family. Thankfully, you can do a few things to make your new house feel like home quickly and simply. 

Upgrade and Replace Your New Home’s Locks 

Government agencies highly recommend changing all your locks when first moving into a new home. You can’t ever be certain who may have keys to your new home’s original locks. While replacing your locks, it’s an excellent time to upgrade them for additional security. 

Consider working with a reputable locksmith to ensure your home has the most durable, secure locks available. To find the best local locksmiths in your area, read customer testimonials online, and check their ratings. Also, verify the locksmith you work with is insured and bonded and offers a warranty on their work. 

Get Help Unpacking 

Unpacking alone can take weeks or months. Having lots of packed-up boxes can lengthen the amount of time it takes to “make yourself at home.” Getting your things unpacked and put where they belong is essential in settling down in your new life.

Consider getting help unpacking to speed up the process. Of course, you can hire professionals to help unpack. However, friends, family, and even old neighbors may be willing to put in a few hours of work to help. 

Create a Relaxing Outdoor Space 

There are many benefits to spending time outside, including reducing the symptoms of anxiety or depression. One of the easiest ways to get outdoors is to create a relaxing space on your porch or patio. 

One of the first things to do is invest in a high-quality patio set. Consider looking at thrift stores or online marketplaces if finances are an issue. Make sure the furniture is comfortable and sturdy and fits the available space.

Next, consider adding some plants to the area. Hanging plants or planters are both excellent ideas. If you prefer, you can line your patio or porch with garden beds instead.

Finally, add some light to brighten the area up at night. Hanging lights are always a good option. You may also want to consider step lighting for safety reasons.

Combine Your Favorite “Old” With Some New 

When you moved, you kept some of your favorite items. Often, these items have sentimental value. However, it’s also true that you likely didn’t bring everything from your old home, so no space feels precisely the same. Consider combining your favorite things from your old home with new ones picked just for your new home. You can save money by checking out some of the best flea markets around Santa Clara. 

Make Your New House Feel Like Home

Many people choose to move after they retire. The information above can help your new house feel like home more quickly. Visit Service Zoom to find the top-rated service professionals in Bay Area and Palm Springs.