How to Choose a Paintless Dent Repair Company

You’ve done your homework and reviewed your options, and one thing is clear: paintless dent repair is the best solution for your vehicle. It’s environmentally friendly, inexpensive, and quick. Of course, it’s the greatest auto dent repair solution available.

Even if you’ve made this selection, there’s still one more to consider: which paintless dent repair firm is best for you? Which company can deliver the greatest service? Furthermore, what exactly does “the greatest service” include when it comes to Paintless Hail Damage Repair ? 

Answering all of these issues without industry experience or a lot of trial and error might be difficult. Ted’s Dent Works intends to simplify the procedure below by describing what characteristics a reputable paintless dent repair business should have.

It all comes down to genuine concern

Paintless dent repair is much of an art and talent, and needs more than just training and a steady hand. To be successful in this field, technicians must be genuinely concerned about the dents they repair and the individuals they assist.

Friendly and approachable Customer Service: 

When you step into your preferred paintless dent repair shop, you should be greeted as a fellow human being, not as a consumer. This means you can anticipate a kind greeting, polite words, and a genuine “how can I help you” approach. Ted’s Dent Works makes every effort to welcome everyone who enters through our doors.

Attention to detail:

A technician that is passionate about their work will not settle for completing the bare minimum. They will go above and beyond to make your vehicle looks like a brand new!

Don’t be shocked if a handful of dents you didn’t even request to be mended mysteriously disappear when you receive your previously hail-damaged cars back from Ted’s Dent Works. It’s just one of the many ways we go above and beyond to impress our clients!

Service that is efficient:

While many firms emphasize quick service (and, granted, paintless dent treatment is quick compared to conventional procedures), we at Ted’s Dent Works prefer to define our approach with a different word: efficiency.

“Fast” indicates that we handle our craft as if it were an assembly line, rather than combining attention to the details, customer care, and time-sensitive labor. We feel that an efficient company creates a far warmer user experience than a speedy company; efficiency shows that the company cares about more than just how soon it can execute the work.


We serve you. We’ll ensure your repairs go smoothly. Text, phone, email, or fill out a contact form to reach our committed team! We’ll provide you the greatest treatment and ease your anxieties.

Quality is Priority :

Your vehicle is most certainly a significant part of your daily life, thus taking good care of it is crucial. Choosing a location that emphasizes the use of appropriate tools, materials, and equipment will most likely be beneficial to your purchase

Before we go, we will make sure that you are Pleased and Satisfied with your Repairs. If not, we’ll make the required modifications for free! Our trained and enthusiastic crew will always do everything possible to offer you with the quality repairs you deserve!

What You’re Getting For Your Money :

Any car replacement can be annoying, and it’s natural to ask what exactly you are paying for. Service or extra charges? Some businesses may charge excessive fees without your knowledge.

It’s always a good idea to compare costs and phone around to get a sense of the services and people you’ll be dealing with. Ted’s Dent Works offers exceptional customer service as well as economically priced repairs. We strive for complete transparency and can walk you through exactly what you’re paying for.

Ted’s Dent Works : The Obvious Choice for Paintless Dent Repair

At Ted’s Dent Works, you can expect nothing but the best from everyone. We will be your go-to repair service in the San Francisco Bay Area. The company’s shop is in Pleasanton, with mobile repairs also offered.  Never again sacrifice quality, customer service, or attention to detail for convenience. We’ve got you covered!

Formerly known as California Dent Works, Ted’s Dent Works is an approved service provider for: Tesla, Bentley, Maserati, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, Rolls Royce, Austin Martin, Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche, Audi, and Cadillac.

We serve: Pleasanton, Livermore, Dublin, San Ramon, Danville, Blackhawk, Sunol, Diablo, Alamo, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Orinda, Moraga, Concord, Martinez, Oakland, Rossmore, San Leandro, and Castro Valley.
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