Can You Swim in a Pool with Algae?

Water that contains algae can be unsightly and potentially dangerous to swim in. So, why swim in your pool with algae? Because certain types of algae present themselves in poorly maintained water that lacks chemical balance and proper filtration. So read on to find out whether it’s safe or not to swim in a pool with algae.

How Algae Affects Swimmers

Swimming in a pool with algae can pose serious health risks. Algae is a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria, which can cause rashes on the skin or other infections. These bacteria are also capable of entering the body when swimming in contaminated water. Swimmers can contract cholera and some other bacterial infections if they swallow water from a pool that has algae present. So it’s important to wash off with soap and disinfect the surrounding area before entering your pool again.

How Algae Affects Pools

Pool algae is a diverse and problematic aquatic plant species that can affect your swimming pool. It can form green spots in your pool and cause your water to become cloudy. In murky pools, algae can also cause unwanted odors, staining, and corroding of pool surfaces. Algae are aggressive plants that spread quickly. Most importantly, they act as magnets for insects like mosquitos and other blood-sucking insects that can infest your entire yard or house if not treated properly.

But as long as you’re taking preventative measures, your pool will be free of most of the types of algae that develop. You’ll need to get rid of them from time to time and prevent them from returning.


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